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IFS – Interaction For Swedes

Interaction For Swedes (IFS) is an interaction course with 36 questions designed to lead to friendship. The questions are developed from evidence-based research to help Swedes become world leaders at making new friends.

"The questions gradually become more personal, which increases the chances of feeling close to the person you are talking to. We have based our questions on Aron’s research, but adjusted them to lead to friendship in the workplace and at school instead of love. The basic idea behind the questions is that both parties should feel seen, understood and accepted. This is the foundation of every close relationship."

36 questions that lead to friendship

All the questions are based on research from psychologist Arthur Aron and his questions optimized for love. Together with the psychologist Anna Bennich, we have adapted these to lead to friendship instead. The questions should be asked in chronological order, either at one time or by dividing the six blocks on several occasions.

Why are we launching IFS?

In the Expat Insider survey for 2017, Sweden was ranked as the hardest country in the world to make new friends in. After 12 500 expats, residing in 188 different countries, had answered how they like their new homeland, Sweden was placed at the bottom out of 65 countries when it came to making new friends.

A new survey conducted by the Swedish research company Demoskop on behalf of Lernia shows that Swedes themselves also find it difficult to get to know new people. Only a third of Swedes find it easy to make friends. Meanwhile, research from University of Gothenburg shows that new friendships in the workplace is one of the most important tools for successful integration of immigrants. Therefore we want to help Swedes become world leaders at making new friends. The 36 questions are designed to make interaction easier and provide better conditions for making new friends. It’s integration through interaction.

"Therefore we want to help Swedes become world leaders at making new friends."

How did we develop the questions?

Interaction for Swedes (IFS) has been developed using American psychologist Arthur Aron’s research with 36 evidence-based questions that lead to love. Working alongside with Swedish psychologist Anna Bennich, Lernia has adjusted the questions to instead lead to friendship, in the workplace and at school.

Anna is a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist with many years’ experience of working with relationships, work environment and communication. The questions have been amended or replaced to instead create friendship with the colleague who doesn’t seem to have much in common with you, or the classmate that always sits behind you in class. The questions should be asked in chronological order, from 1 to 36. They have been divided into 6 different blocks to better fit into a coffee or lunch break.

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